Also endorsed by Maui Time Newspaper, Bernie Sanders Our Revolution National and more!

“I am deeply honored that Hawai’is Teachers, Hawai'i's Doctors, Dentists and many other medical professionals and union members that we trust with our lives, the lives of our children and elderly, trust me, endorse me and clearly choose me over my corporate funded opponent, who they know all too well. Lives are at stake.”


Amato, a mother of 4, endorsed by the Hawai’i State Teacher  Association Union and Sierra Club said, “Our government must always serve our children, our community and protect our environment ensuring that all of Hawai’i’s families’ share a healthful and prosperous future. That is why I have vowed to never take any money from corporations or lobbyists.”

Hawai’i’s medical professionals have vigorously endorsed me for a reason:   I will always put the health of our people and transparency first. We must retire the old selfish corporate political ways and do what is best for our community, our kupuna, our keiki, and for all patients in Hawai’i, not just what insurance companies mandate by paying political protection money in the form of donations to my opponent.  That is why, unlike my opponent, I refuse all corporate donations.


I will put cameras in my office ensuring that the constant back room deals in the Senate become a thing of the past:  The corporate control and protection payments will end on my watch. My office is your office, I am not for sale!”


When asked why run now, Terez Amato, endorsed by Bernie Sanders’ Our Revolution Hawai’i group and Healthcare for all Hawai’i said, “We are at a critical point: It’s time to unite with our neighbors to create new leadership this year. Our families’ future depends on the choices we make today. We must choose wisely and put our people first: Choose vision, innovation, and leaders who are working for the people, not corporations special interests — It is time for a change: Hawai’i needs new leaders who are actually working for you. On August 11th the people of Maui will take back their political system!”


For More information contact Friends of Terez Amato at Terez@TerezAmato.org or see TerezAmato.Org

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